FRIDAY* burst on to the scene with a string of colourful yet enigmatic singles in 2022, pushing boundaries and turning heads with a conviction and purpose not felt within the Eora scene in quite some time. Genre-less at ease, his compositions touch on self-conflict, long nights, good friends, bad heartache, and all things in between. His free-flowing sense of self allows him to build loose sonic narratives that refuse to be boxed in. Tapestry pop, obscure boom bap, raw punk and more subcultures than you could poke a rainbow at, FRIDAY* is like being invited to an untamed house party a few streets over in full swing and every door you open is a new, colourful world you can taste.

In 2023, FRIDAY* saw the release of his single ‘Beaming' catapult him in to the wider consciousness with support from some of the biggest playlists in the world, hitting 50k streams overnight, and causing a flooded inbox that will be unread for the foreseeable future, FRIDAY* remains relatively mysterious to the “industry” while he continues to build a universe all his own. 

cosmoWith a slew of self-released records under his belt, a new project in the works at the moment, and a bright and radical cast of wunderkind musicians, photographers and artist calling themselves Full Circle, he sings “I was never meant to be a star!”, however FRIDAY* wont stay a secret for long.

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